Friday, 25 October 2013

crime seen.

One day there was a man named Lee he owned a field.Lee was a man who grew vegetables and one day as he was picking vegetables he heard a sound in the bushes. Then Lee carried on picking.When he went inside to wash the vegetables he heard that sound again so he kept washing his vegetable. after he came back outside this an named Chan.

Chan was  a thief who liked to go around peoples  house and steal from their garden.Then Lee chased chan then chan stoled a punch of Carets and ran away to his secret hideout the Lee followed chan then when chan got to his secret hideout Lee ran back to his house to call the police.

Then Chan saw Lee running home.Chan Started eating fast. Then the cops came and Chan was not in his secret hideout.Chan went to go and look for some more food to steal but the police went to take all of Chan stuff that he stole from other people and returned them to there rightful owners

After Chan came back he notice that everything that he stole was gone.Then        Chan new who told on the cops.After Chan walk over to the person house  and     person name was Lee Chan asked lee if he rang the cops Then Lee said yes I did.

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  1. Hi Calvin. My name is Lauren Patterson and I am a student at The University of South Alabama. I enjoyed reading your story! Isn't it nice to know that when people do bad things that the police can help us? Keep up the good work.


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